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Destination Weddings

Having a destination wedding overseas? For many couples, a destination wedding is the perfect way to celebrate their love.
But before you can say “I do” in front of a gorgeous sunset, there’s some paperwork that needs to be taken care of.
One important step is getting an “apostille” for your documents. An apostille is a certification that proves the authenticity of a document. You’ll typically need to apostille your birth certificate and a Single Status Affidavit (a.k.a. No Record of Marriage, Certificate of Freedom to Marry, Certificate of No Impediment for Marriage, or a Single Letter). You may also need a certified copy of your passport apostilled to provide proof of your citizenship and ensure that you can legally marry in your chosen country.
Some countries will require certain documents to be translated into the destination country’s language. If so, you should use a certified translator who will provide a certificate of accuracy, which must be notarized.
Many states, including Arizona, require that the certified translator be located in your state.
The documentation process can vary depending on which country you’re getting married in, so it’s important to do your research. But with a little planning ahead and proper guidance from a wedding planner (if using one), Embassy or tourist information bureau of the country where you plan to marry, AND an experienced Apostille Facilitator, you can have everything in order so you can relax and enjoy your special day!

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