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Mobile Notary Services

Our mobile notaries travel to your location to perform notarial acts for your documents. It is our job to properly verify the identity of the signers and complete the notarization process in accordance with current Arizona notary laws. We take our responsibility as commissioned public officers seriously to protect you the client in every transaction.

Mobile Notary

A mobile notary, sometimes referred to as a traveling notary, is a Notary Public who meets in-person with a client by appointment at a different locations such as, a local cafe or restaurant, the client’s office or home, or a reserved conference room at the nearby public library to ensure proper completion of the notarization process. The mobile notary’s primary responsibility is to verify the signer’s identity in accordance with state law, witness the signing of the document, and sign and place the notary stamp on the document.

Here are a few advantages of hiring a mobile notary:

Cost-effective service:  A mobile notary is available at a reasonable cost, whether it is for single document notarizations, or for more involved estate plan and real estate loan signings. 
Convenient locations:  It is often a challenge for people to leave their office, business, or home due to multiple work and family demands and scheduling conflicts. A mobile notary can work around your schedule so you don’t lose any more time than is necessary in your busy day.
Flexible hours:  Mobile notaries can provide services outside of normal business hours in the evening or on the weekend when necessary, which is often needed for urgent or unexpected needs that arise for many people, or simply when the client cannot meet during workday hours. 


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